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What’s included in your membership:

  • Weekly 30-minute Monday intention and mindset sessions
  • Weekly 30-minute themed coffee chats
  • Weekly 2-hour Wednesday coworking sessions
  • Monthly 2-hour Tuesday office hour sessions with Hivery Founder, Grace Kraaijvanger
  • Monthly 90-minute workshop led by guest experts
  • Private Facebook group for connection and community


  • Our exclusive Video Library featuring world renowned speakers, teachers and mentors like Diane von Furstenberg, Marie Forleo, Dr. Tererai Trent, and Dr. Jill Biden.
  • Livestream and on-demand access to select Hivery events for FREE. 
  • Curated resources of Things We Love like the books, products and services we can’t live without.
  • Discounted private coaching and signature programs and workshops, like The Hivery’s 3-Month Incubator program. 

The Hivery’s Virtual Membership

is for you if:

  • You’re ready to commit to yourself, get clear, and move forward. 
  • You’re an entrepreneur, creative, or business owner looking for a kind community who will also hold you accountable as you WFH. 
  • You want to keep moving forward to create viable, profitable, meaningful work, in or out of quarantine! 

Get the support and inspiration you crave,

with all the flexibility you need, right at your fingertips.

Free Virtual Coworking is included in your membership.

Here’s a message from Grace just for you:

Do you … yearn for a deeper connection to women near you, and around the world?

Have you … been meaning to prioritize yourself and uncover your full potential?

Do you … feel like you need to create sacred time and space for yourself in order to get things done and truly thrive?

This community is exactly what you’re looking for.

Linda Lesem

“I have been dreaming of the Hivery…. Before I knew it existed! For years, I was feeling “I love what I do, but I don’t want to do it solo”  and wondered if would I ever find a group of women to who are kind, fun, inspiring and curious. Finally, I found those women— part of The Hivery’s community— and they’re even better than I was dreaming of.”

Anne LaFollette

“Collaborations happen so naturally here. The atmosphere of community and support is pervasive. So far I’ve collaborated with Hivery members on my website, on product photography and on creative workshops. It’s a joy, pure and simple!”

Laura Riordan

“I came to the Hivery looking for a place to be inspired, and meet amazing people. The Hivery empowers women to express their deepest selves in collaboration with one another. It is a place where every voice is valued and each idea has potential…a truly magical community!”

Sophie Davies

“My (Hivery) membership took my business to the next level… it helped expand my offerings through collaborative partnership with fellow members. The programming also continues to inspire my professional and personal growth!”

Grace Kraaijvanger
Founder of The Hivery

The Story of The Hivery

I began The Hivery in 2014 when I longed for a place to do cool stuff, to meet amazing women, and to truly feel like I had a place in the world — a place to belong. I created The Hivery for me, and I created it for you.

It started from a time in my life that I felt stuck, isolated, and yearning for the next chapter. In exploring my own “what’s next”, I STARTED TO SEE A LIGHT IN THE CRACKS. And I FOLLOWED IT.

I started to make stuff. I made a dance film on top of a mountain for my mom. I wrote an essay that I read at a theater in the Mission. I created a lunch discussion called “Women Inspiring Women”. And eventually, I made a Hivery. I made The Hivery from my heart.


I looked at the pieces, held them up to the light, and said, “This is my expression.”…I tried my best to act on what I believed in. I accepted that I’d never know or understand what the end-goal was. I just kept making something, and I showed it to you, before I even understood what it was. And then one after another, you raised your hands, and said, “I feel an energy exploding in me, too”. And, “I want to make something.” And, “I want to speak up”. And, “I don’t want to do it alone.”

It’s true. I made The Hivery for you.

Over the years, hundreds of women outside the Bay Area have asked me, when is The Hivery coming to me? While we absolutely have intentions to expand our physical presence, we couldn’t wait to bring the magic of our mission and this feeling of togetherness through creativity and kindness, to you… I’m pleased to say that The Hivery’s Virtual Membership is just that— a way to join The Hivery no matter where you live.

I hope you’ll join us. I look forward to learning, growing, and creating together.

XO, Grace

Register for The Hivery’s Virtual Membership + Online Community for just $95/month. Cancel at anytime. Flexible and chock full of the mentorship and accountability you’ve been dreaming about. 

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