Virtual Membership + Online Community

Community Guidelines

The Hivery is a community founded on inclusivity and kindness. We hold our community guidelines sacred and reserve the right to remove anyone who violates our governing principles.

Please read and agree to the following:

NO BULLIES. We have created a positive and inspiring space for community and reserve the right to remove posts / membership of anyone we determine disruptive. We have a zero tolerance rule for discrimination, bigotry, rudeness or hate speech. Any post that threatens or demeans any person or group is grounds for being removed immediately, and having membership permanently revoked.

DO NOT CREATE OUTSIDE GROUPS. This community was created to provide support and everyone’s success is more likely when we all stick together. Do not create or join other Facebook groups that are an offshoot of this program. You may not recruit or recommend (publicly or privately) such groups within this community.

WHAT’S SHARED HERE, STAYS HERE. Please do not distribute content shared by us (unless we suggest you Download + Share) or other Hivery members with anyone outside the membership. This includes screenshots as well as copy + pasting information. The people you meet here may be sharing sensitive personal information, including intellectual property or proprietary business knowledge, and you must respect their privacy.

Failure to follow The Hivery Community Guidelines may result in your removal from the membership and/or the removal of your content. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Kindness. Creativity. Community. The Hivery’s core values infuse all that we do…even virtually!